Bibo – A little slice of Portugal on a side street in Double Bay.


You know those sunny Sundays where you feel like a long lunch, pick at bits and bobs and sip on some great wine?  Bibo is the place you want to go.

Located in the fancy-schmancy Double Bay/Edgecliff, richer side of Sydney – down a quaint tree-lined side street – the vibe is very cool, chic and cozy.  From the front, you can watch the expensive sports cars drive by, and by god – we literally saw and heard the revs of a fair few fast cars that have no place being in suburban Sydney – what with our speed limits, traffic congestion and number of speed humps.


The interior is awfully cozy with plenty of wood panelling together with wine bottles lining the walls.  My kind of wall.


This places serves up some absolutely delicious Portuguese fare, which is all perfectly share-‘able’.  They also have a good wine list which features quite a few Portuguese wines not commonly found in stores.  We started off with a glass of:

Avesso, 2014 Casa de Vilacetinho, Vinho Verde, Portugal

Syrah/Touriga Nacional/Alfrocheiro, 2016 Cartuxa ‘EA’ Alentejano, Portugal




Onto the fooooood…

Bacalhau croquette – Codfish croquettes.  More specifically dried and salted cod, which is abundant in Portugal apparently – and it’s delicious.  This gets me excited about our upcoming trip to Lisbon!

Sardine and squid ink beignet – Don’t be put off by the dark poo like object – cause it’s absolutely delicious.   A beignet is basically fried dough/fritter and although sardines aren’t our most favourite fish, this was so good – a soft pastry encasing a soft sardine with a light crisp fried squid ink dyed coasting.


Tuna tartare – Light, fresh, slightly tart and sightly herbaceous.


Beef Tartare + Horseradish + Beetroot – Not a fan of beetroot in a tartare, but I really enjoyed the beetroot crisp crunch against the tartare.


Cured meat selection, pickles and THE BEST BREAD –  What’s a Sunday nibbly long lunch without some nibbly charcuterie, pickles and bread?


And honestly, this is some of the best bread ever.  I could literally eat this bread on its own for days…#breadlove


Flambé chorizo – This is a speciality at Bibo, and with our love for chorizo – this had to be ordered.  Soaked in sherry and set alight at the table, the sweetness of the sherry is miraculously infused into the charred chorizo.  Super yummy.


Sweet Belem Portuguese tart – Another thing I’m looking forward to in Portugal – these little Portuguese egg tarts – super creamy, vanilla-ry egg custard in a crispy pastry shell.


Bolo de bolacha – Literally translated to “biscuit cake” this is basically tiramisu taken to the next level.  Coffee, custard, biscuit-y layered cake.  This was amazeballs.


Ahhhh…look at that goodness!


PORT – White Port, NV Dalva, Oporto – How fitting, port in a Portuguese restaurant?  But my, my – my White Port paired with the Bolo de bolacha so effing well.  The dessert tones down the sugar in the port and out bursts a bouquet of flavours from dried fruit to grains.


I can totally see Bibo as a place to have a bottle of wine with the girls, a place for a fancy date night or even a venue for a small celebration.  I’ll be back soon.  😉

This place is getting me excited about Lisbon in January!

Obrigado Bibo ❤

Love. Gark


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